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And a very warm welcome to you on our website “WowGK.com” which is designed to present with interesting and general facts. The overall idea being to present with updated knowledge and facts which are already experimented or experienced and accepted as truth.

Our Aim

Learning new things everyday is a kind of passion for everyone but all may not able to have time for it. Are you aware of one of such passion in you? Everyday we come across different facts and news and more often, miss to learn more of the facts or sometimes even forgot them when pursuing behind our dreams. Considering the same, we are here with the new idea of launching “Wow GK”. We hope we might interest you as well as make a good bond in terms of sharing knowledge and interesting facts.

About Facts

Our website includes general facts compiled by different writers. Most of the facts posted are updated as per the time. If you find any of them outdated, please Contact Us.

About ‘Krishnendu Pramanick’


Krishnendu Pramanick officially launched ‘WowGK.com’ on 9th May 2017 to reflect both heart and mind of readers with general knowledge.


Keep Visiting WowGK.com and Update your General Knowledge 🙂


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